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The Sprout House 800.S.P.R.O.U.T.S 1.800.777.6887 1.800.336.4136 Tray sprouting is one method of sprouting. The sprouts grow straight up and down just like mother nature intended. We have manual tray sprouting systems - The Sprout Master Tray Sprouters. SPROUTMASTER sprouter has the following advantages over other sprouters: The Sproutmaster tray sprouter does not sour the sprouts. Several sprout master sprouters can be stacked with the tray lid in place without losing necessary air circulation. The rectangular shaped sprouter allows for a much better cabinet and refrigerator storage without sacrificing as much as one inch in the volume of your harvest. A removable divider in the middle of the sprouter makes it possible to grow a half crop, a full crop or two different crops at the same time. With a lid placed under the bottom of the sprouter as a drip tray and a lid placed over the top of the sprouter, your sprouts will stay crisper longer in the refrigerator without losing vitamins or souring. This sproutmaster tray sprouter disassembles quickly for easy cleaning. We also carry the Easy Green Automatic Sprouter - an electric sprouter that mists and oxygenates the seeds/sprouts for you automatically. a. Sprouts taken out of conventional sprouter systems need to be placed in a secondary pan such as Tupperware for refrigeration. Our cartridges and trays with unused sprouts can be placed directly into refrigeration for later use. b. Some sprouter systems have a round shape. The EasyGreen™ sprouter uses rectangular cartridges and trays, allowing refrigeration of unused portions of a tray or cartridge using minimal space. c. Other sprouter systems don’t use trays and the sprouts are germinated in the actual growing compartment without an intermediate container, thus needing to be removed into another tool for refrigeration. Our EasyGreen™ sprouter uses removable cartridges and trays for the ultimate convenience. d. The EasyGreen™ has an automatic disinfecting cycle. It is easy to keep high sanitary conditions within the machine. Only large commercial systems have a similar function! And we have the Terra Cotta sprouters, made from clay. This is a more natural sprouter method to use.
The sprouter consists of five parts: a lid, three perforated sprouting dishes that stack neatly on top of one another, and a slightly larger bottom bowl which holds the three sprouting dishes. The sprouter is made of untreated clay
and the bottom bowl is glazed on the inside with lead-free glaze.
Conditions in the sprouter are very similar to natural conditions in the soil: the pores in the clay sprouting
dishes provide for good ventilation and the clay’s ability to absorb water
assures uniform moisture without actually immersing the seeds in water.
The darkness inside the terra cotta sprouter intensifies the flavor of the sprouts.

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Sprout Master Single Sprouting Tray

Sprout Master Single  Sprouter

List Price: $21.33
Our Price: $21.33
Sprout Master Mini Triple Tray Sprouter

Sprout Master Mini Triple  Sprouter

List Price: $27.25
Our Price: $27.25
Sprout Master Triple Tray Sprouter

Sprout Master Triple  Sprouter

List Price: $43.95
Our Price: $43.95
Tray Sprouters